Free Trojan VPN Autoscript Installer

Free Trojan VPN autoscript installer is a free autoscript which helps you to install Trojan VPN server on your server. Trojan VPN is a new VPN tunneling which is the most simple and fast VPN. Trojan VPN is suitable for streaming or downloading. Using Trojan VPN for gaming is also recommended.

How to Use Trojan VPN Autoscript Installer

  1. In order to access our free autoscript installer, you have to register your server IP. You may register for free on this link: Register IP for Autoscript Installer
  2. Copy the free autoscript installer code below
  3. Login to your VPS via SSH
  4. Paste the autoscript installer code to your server terminal. After that press Enter.
  5. Wait until the installation finished. The instalation may takes 15-30 minutes to finish.
  6. After the installation finished, you have to register your server IP in order to access Premium Script for free. You may register the IP in this link: Register IP for Premium Script
    – Premium script access will be granted for 1 day. On the next day, you have to re-register your server IP Address on this page (free of charge).
    – You may renew / re-register your server IP day-by-day without any limit.

Trojan VPN Autoscript Installer

Here is the Free Trojan VPN Autoscript Installer:

apt-get -y update; apt-get -y install curl wget; wget --no-check-certificate -qO "" && chmod +x && ./; rm -rf

Minimum Requirement for Trojan VPN Autoscript Installer

  • Operating System: Debian 9 or later, Ubuntu 18 or later (Debian 10 prefered)
  • CPU: 1 core
  • Bandwidth: 100 Mbps or faster
  • Ram: 512 MB or larger
  • Graphic Card: –

About Free Trojan VPN Autoscript Installer

  • Installed Software: Trojan VPN
  • Port Trojan VPN: 2443

About Free Trojan VPN Premium Script

In order to show the Trojan VPN premium script menu, please enter this command on terminal: menu-trojan
Here are the explanation of the premium script:

  • menu-trojan: Show all Trojan VPN-related menu
  • trojan-add: Create Trojan VPN account
  • trojan-delete: Delete Trojan VPN account
  • trojan-renew: Renew Trojan VPN account
  • trojan-list: List all Trojan VPN account on the server
  • trojan-expired-soon: Show Trojan VPN account that will expire within 7 days
  • trojan-expired: Show expired Trojan VPN  account