Autoscript Installer & Premium Script

Install All SSH & VPN Requirement with one click

Autoscript Installer

Autoscript Installer is a one-click script that helps you to install all software required for tunneling. You just need to input one script command and all the tunneling software will be installed automatically on your server. (SSH, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, V2Ray, Wireguard, ShadowSocks, ShadowSocksR, Trojan VPN)

Premium Script

Premium Script is a program which helps you to manage SSH & VPN users. By using Premium Script, you can easily create tunneling user with expiry date, delete or lock the user. Say good bye to complicated conventional Linux configuration

AutoScript Installer Features

Ease of Installation

By using our Free Autoscript Installer, you can install all required tunneling software (SSH, VPN & Proxy) with just one click. 

User Friendly

Our Premium Script are designed with simplicity so it can be easily used for all people.

Integrated Script

Our free Autoscript Install can be installed independently. You are not required to install all of the software.

Free Access

You are allowed to access our Autoscript Installer and Premum Script for free!


Our free Autoscript Installer is designed to have huge compatibility to all types of server. 

Tons of Features

Our free Autoscript Installer and Premium script offers tons of unique feature that updated regularly

Our Visions

Make people easier to install tunneling software on the server and helps them to manage the user easily